A reflection.

I am a writer and photographer. My attention is directed to understanding, recording and retelling the essence of experience.

Last century I studied at both the Tasmanian University Art School in Launceston and at the Phillip Institute of Technology - (later Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in Victoria.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's I spent time in the USA extensively studying the Dye Transfer colour printing process at leading organisations from worlds best practitioners in LA, Manhattan, regional Clifornia, Santa Fe, and Florida, where National Geographic, General Motors, Ford Motor Company and  Robert Mapplethorpe images were printed.

In the mid 2000's I produced over 400 portraits of people living within 'the exclusion zone' (the 15km radius around the mill to be destroyed following a catastrophic event) of a planned Sulphur-Chlorine wood-pulp mill.  This was one of the largest single contemporary portrait projects of its kind in Australia.

I have written and instructed Photographic courses for CAE Melbourne, International Design School, International School of Photography in Melbourne.

In 2013 I was accepted into the Magnum Photographic Masterclass in Heidelberg Germany, following which I travelled to Berlin and worked on "The Cuvry" a homeless community project.

In 2016 I was accepted to the Magnum Photographic Masterclass in Tokyo where I produced the multi-media piece "Fracture", and exhibited at Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery.

I have exhibited in major galleries in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Launceston and Hobart. Some of my portrait work has been studied in Hong Kong at an international university conference on pain and suffering. Other work has been projected onto buildings in Darling Harbour at night. I am not particularly active in the exhibition or publication space and have always chose to support my work from external means. 

In 2017 I am working and writing in The Kimberley region of remote north west Western Australia. The photographic work is likely to be an long-form project of some years. The book will reach edited manuscript by August 2017.

I am the recipient of a substantial grant from the late Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.

As a former senior executive in 'another world and time' I have served a number of boards as Chair and in non executive positions and am a former member of the St James Centre for Ethics.

I am proud father of two amazing people Mads and Amy. Both taught me more about the world and my place in it than anything else. And they did it gently and silently and without realising the magic of
their gift.